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Popular ISE Discounts

Eurostar Rail Pass Under the English Channel
Discounted rate for ISE Youth Cardholders on the popular Eurostar train pass connecting continental Europe with the UK. Discounted rates vary depending on points of travel and may be found at: click here

All Major attractions in Egypt
Discount at all locations maintained by the Egyptian Ministry of Culture and the Supreme Council of Antiquities: 50% off on all major sites in Egypt including, but not limited to, the Pyramids, Luxor, Karnak, The Valley of the Kings, The Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Philae, Abu Simbel, The Egyptian railroad, King Tut's tomb and much more

Schönbrunn Palace in Austria
ISE Cardholders receive 12% off on the Grand Tour of Schönbrunn Palace and 10% off of the Imperial Tour.

Tower of London in England
30% discount on the entrance fee for ISE Student Cardholders

Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia in Spain
50% off for ISE Cardholders on entrance to the museum

Kensington Palace in England
10% off on gifts and souvenirs of £5 or more (not including books)

Arc de Triomphe in France
Discounted rate on the entrance fee for ISE Youth Cardholders

Sydney Aquarium in Australia
25% off for ISE Cardholders

Tango Show at el Viejo Almacen in Argentina
ISE Cardholders can enjoy 20% off of this traditional Tango show

Nepal Trekking with Ramdung Treks and Expeditions
25% off of trekking excursions for ISE Cardholders

Spring Tide Whale-Watchng Tours in Canada
25% off of this tour for ISE Cardholders in Victoria, British Columbia

Great Southern Railway in Australia
50% discount for ISE Cardholders on trains connecting Sydney and Perth as well as trains from Melbourne to Alice Springs. These trains will eventually have continuing service Darwin in the north.

Universal Studios Hollywood in the USA
10% off regular admission tickets for groups of 6 or more or $3 off admission for individuals

ISE Card Discounts

Where are the discounts?
ISE Cards enable students, faculty/teacher members, and youths to obtain discounts all over the world. Whether it's a trek in Nepal, an excursion through the Rainforests of Argentina, a visit to the Tower of London, or a Sound and Light show at the Pyramids in Egypt, the ISE Card is their ticket to savings! All ISE Discounts may be found at the following link: click here

Below is a list of some of the countries where cardholders can present their ISE Card for discounts:

In addition to historical castles, ISE Cardholders in Europe will be eligible for discounts in quaint Italian Bed & Breakfasts, wine museums in France, as well as popular nightclubs and restaurants. Youth Cardholders will also receive a special discounted rate on the Eurostar rail pass connecting the UK with Continental Europe as well as the Hoverspeed ships that can transport cardholders over the same route in only one hour!

United States
Cardholders can enjoy discounts at a variety of top attractions throughout the US, as well as on various modes of transportation and restaurants. They will definitely be able to benefit from having the ISE Card in this country, as ISE Cards is the oldest and one of the largest student discount operations in the USA.

For those in the mood to experience some of Mexico's most beautiful beach destinations.

ISE Cardholders can experience the true culture of Argentina by taking some Tango classes, eating at a typical Argentinean restaurant, or for those in the mood for adventure, taking advantage of the many Treks through the jungle-some of which venture to the famous Iguacu Falls!

The ISE Discounts in Korea are wonderful for those looking for a good place to eat. Some of the restaurants that offer discounts here are known all over the world!

This is one of the top trekking destinations in the world! Cardholders can enjoy a discounted trekking excursion with their ISE Card.

Discounted ISE adventures involving camping, skiing, rafting, biking, sailing, or golfing (to name a few).

Another great adventure destination, ISE Cardholders can take a tour to the outback and/or ride a Camel during a desert trek. The ISE Card enables them to enjoy numerous discounts on those tours and excursions that will make their vacation truly memorable.

For those wanting to see a different part of the world, this is a country not to be missed.

Singapore and Southeast Asia
This part of the world is known for its beautiful wooden handicrafts and pristine waters-ideal for Scuba diving.

ISE Cards are accepted by all major sites and attractions in Egypt including the Pyramids, Karnak, the Valley of the Kings, Philae, Abu Simbel, and Saqara-to name a few! In addition, all of these historical sites, which are maintained by the Ministry of Antiquities, offer a 50% discount so cardholder's can save a significant amount while traveling in this exotic and interesting country.  

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