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The ISE has four type of Discount Cards:

(a)-International Discount Card
(b)-National Discount Card
-State/Pronvice Discount Card
-Multi Card-
ISE Card and VISA combined in ONE Card!?

The ISE is in the process of appointing Exclusive Country GSA (General Sales Agents), State GSA & ECAs worldwide.

The ISE has 55% target customers of a total population of any country. The ISE is the only successfull business worldwide which re-new its customers for year and years. which never find in other business. The ISE exisiting customers have to pay every year the same amount to continue to valid & use its cards for further year.

What Is The ISE International Card ?
(a)-International Discount Card
ISE Card (Global)

The ISE-International Discount Card is ready product and start selling from the day sign agreement for Country GSA or State GSA or ECA ships. ISE Card is a unique concept and a worldwide monopoly with no competitors.

The ISE Card target customers are students, faculty-teachers & youths travelling abroad as well as foreign tourists arriving in the country.

The ISE-International Discount Card is valid worldwide to save huge money and insurance cover. click-here to know more about the products.

What Is The ISE Regional Card (State Card)?
(c)-State/Pronvice Discount Card &
(b)-National Discount Card
ISE Regional Card (State Discount Card)

The ISE-National and State Discount Cards needs GSA to create local discounts before it can be sold. Comprehensive training will be provided by ISE to its GSA, and within local market parameters, in discount creation, marketimng strategies and corporate tie-ups, culminating in a blueprint for first 6 months of operation.

The ISE Merchant discount creation can be done by GSA on a National Level and by District/Province Sub-Distributors (ECAs) appointed by GSA, on a local District/Provincial Level.

Average Merchant discount creation in any country has been 500 - 800 total discounts in first month, and 20-30 being National level discounts (which includes; corporate tie-ups with private or government agencies etc.,), while the rest are provincial or local district discounts.

Note: Merchants discount's creation is very easy task for GSA and ECA's, becasue, every merchants wants assured business clientage with huge publicity, ISE entering merchant's name into worldwide discounts data-base which is accessing by more than 20 millions cardholders worldwide, and merchant's name also publish into ISE Discount Handbook, which ise cardholders are carrying all the with him.

EDUCATION: Many Schools, Colleges, Management Institutes, Unversities have already made ISE Card as their own Id Card to offer their student/faculty great privileges and insurance etc., BUSINESS INDUSTRY: and Mercahnt and Private Companies has made ISE Complimentary on their products (example : Buy one & get one iSE Card FREE, which worth 2 to 20 Lakhs). Merchant and Private Companies are offering ISE Card as Bundle Offer!! to target Student & Faculty-Teachers and Youths, which has great population countrywide.

ISE Card and VISA combined in ONE Card!?
(d)-Multi Card-ISE Card and VISA combined in ONE Card!?
ISE Card (Global)
ISE Card (Global)

ISE Card and VISA combined in ONE Card!

The ISE Card, long known for its superior discounts, medical, travel and airline bankruptcy benefits for students, has now teamed-up with Visa to provide the ultimate in convenience and service to student travelers. ISE Cards Korea has entered into an agreement with Visa whereby the ISE Card and Visa Card have been combined into one "Multi-card". Each "Multi Card" has a built- in telephone calling card feature provided by SK Telecom. In addition, all 85,000 of this year's Korean ISE Cardholders who meet the Visa eligibility requirements will have their ISE Cards converted to the "Multi Card".

Any GSA or ECA can make tie-up with any bank on national level, and bank can make "Multi Card" as a Complimentary to its prospectives customers to open an account into the bank & get FREE "Multi Card" and in this way bank will get huge customers which further deal with bank FOREX, Student Loan to go abroad for Highier Education and Huge Transactions

Note : By this way, ISE GSA or ECA will get huge card sale on regular basis throughtout the country as well as huge publicity and recogniion of the products, which ultimate reflects other industry to make tie-ups with ISE.

ISE Added 5 New Business Avenues

 5 New Business Avenues ISE India has added seven new business avenues of earning to Country GSA / State GSA / ECA by adding product and services in their selling basket with great earning source of these products. Click Here To Know More

7 New Business Avenues Are;

1-ID Cards-Non Privilege & ( PVC/ Chip Card).
2-International Sim Card.
3-Forex (Foreign Exchange). Click Here
4-Drugs For Travellers. Click Here
5-General Insurance.
6-Study Abroad.
7-Indian Studies.


Business Opportunities:

Business Opportunity in Asia, Africa & Middle East :-

The company is looking General Sales Agents (GSAs) in the following countries; Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Bhutan, Brunei, Georgia, Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Maldives, Nepal, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Yemen, China, Malaysia, Iran, Iraq, Indonesia, Thailand etc., and African & Middle-East Countries must be very dynamic and sound in finances and have very good reputation and networks in the country. ISE is expecting business in one country around US$ 5 to 25 Millions or more yearly. interested parties can contact at : [email protected] or [email protected] . we would ba happy to get company details profile to understand about expertise and experiences.

Business Opportunity in India:-

The company is also looking General Sales Agents (GSAs) in every State of country, must be very dynamic and sound in finances and have very good reputation and networks in the states. ISE is expecting business in one state around Rs. 10 to 60 crores or more yearly. interested parties can contact at : [email protected] or [email protected] .

ECA, CA & BM :-
Exclusive Channel Associates (ECAs) & Channel Associates (CAs) and Business Mentors (BMs) from every district of states can become a partner of the company and earn monthly upto 5 to 15 Lakhs or more with international reputation. For more information, please contact at : [email protected] ; [email protected] .

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